Genesis Man 

by Randy Shankle

What is man? This is the question that has been debated by theologians and philosophers since the beginning of time. Where is the model for manhood? Where is our example? We have looked to our natural fathers, our coaches, our sports heroes, and our movie stars. But still there are no clear answers.

Why am I, as a man, here in the earth at this time and what am I supposed to do with my life? There have been many “Men's Movements” throughout the centuries that have brought men together to scream in the woods about their frustration over their failure as men. Clearly, we are confused about ourselves.

In this book, I want to help awaken you to God’s purpose and His objective to man's creation. If you want to discover anything, it begins with our origin. A creator has a purpose in mind when He creates something, and He names that creation according to that purpose.

Satan has succeeded in distorting our purpose on the earth. Satan has created confusion about the male's nature and purpose in order to neutralize men. We must clearly see our nature in order to understand our purpose. Genesis Man will take you back to the remembered species, back to the origin of man.

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