The Merismos

by Randy Shankle

The message in this book is "dividing asunder". Hebrews 4:12  This book contains a unique revelation of separation of the soul, psuche, (mind, will and emotions) and the spirit, (pneuma) of a born-again Christian who is filled with the Spirit ruled life, zoe of God. 

Without a true Merismos, the dividing or separating of the soul and the Spirit for understanding of what is of God and what is of the world, a believer will spend most of his Christian walk living in the soulish realm rather than living in the realm of the spirit.

This book, if acted upon, will enable a believer to step out of the realm of soulish behavior, which is offensive to God, and step into the discovery of the great spiritual inner dimension. The true power of a believer is in his spirit's prowess and operation, not in the soulish overtones of the self-ruled life.

The Merismos book will bring "separation for clarification"  needed for successful Christian living. We must be merismosed if we are to go "from glory to glory".

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