The Porter Ministry

by Randy Shankle

Jesus in His word reveals the ministry of the porter. He described the proper and improper way to enter the sheepfold. The sheepfold refers to anywhere that believers dwell - how to come into a meeting or enter a home or fellowship. A porter is always watchful about the goings on and who is entering. 

He stands by the door as a watchman. We are commanded to watch over the Lord's house. A husband is the porter of his household, a wife is the porter of the pantry. What she brings home from the grocery store is what the family will consume. We are all porters in some way, whether it be in our personal lives or in fellowship.

The porter ministry makes you responsible for your own life too, what you permit into your life by what you watch, read and give thought to. This book will explain clearly what the porter ministry is about and what authority is behind the porter.

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